The quality is not expensive, it is priceless.

We crossed this beautiful road, keeping a sentace that resonates Felippé Lucci.

The breathtaking experience. The perfect gift. The life-lasting piece.

Your Felippé Lucci boxes are definition of minimalistic uniqueness, clean design and the choice of charming materials.

The leather case is inspired by vintage Italian cases which you can see in old leather workshops and even in museums.

Case leather is creamy, soft and gives stunning feel under your fingers, providing the best protection for your exclusive Felippé Lucci glasses.

The fabric cloth is also included, always there to help you keeping your glasses clean.

Boxes, leather cases and fabric clothes are available in both triple black or triple white colorway.

Felippe Lucci Premium Packaging anti uv glassesFelippe Lucci Premium Packaging anti blue light glassesFelippe Lucci Luxury Packaging anti uv glasses